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Welcome to Oakleaf Community

We are a Christian community based in Bishop Auckland and West Auckland who want to serve our local community and offer hospitality to people in need. That doesn't mean we offer emergency accommodation or a refuge, but people who do stay with us will experience a supportive family environment. If you think we can help you or someone you know please get in contact. If you would like to know more about Oakleaf Community we would love to hear from you.
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Recent posts

Lonely, the word is...

I was reading a report from the Office of National Statistics about loneliness and it proved to be an interesting reading.

As you would expect people who are unemployed and widows are most likely to feel lonely, but surprising younger people experience loneliness more often than older people. People who felt strongly  a part of their neighbourhood were less likely to feel frequently lonely.

Dorothy Day an American journalist said, "We have all known the long loneliness and we have learnt that the only solution is love and that love comes with community".

When Oakleaf Community went for a meal

We had a lovely time and an excellent meal at Bishop Paul and Rosemary Butler’s house on 2nd June brought together 36 church leaders and their spouses representing virtually every church in the Bishop Auckland area. Organised by Rachael Masters this was the second to be held and confirmed the sense of unity and commitment to work together to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and of his kingdom. Updates were given on new and continuing initiatives and a welcome was extended to the Influence church which is planning to establish a presence in the town this year. Churches are seeing faith rise as they seek the welfare and prosperity of the area shared by all.

Spring Watch at Oakleaf

We told you recently about new visitors to the community a family of Yellow Wagtails. Well the good news is that they have hatched. Mummy and daddy are doing well. :-)

Watch the video of how still the Yellow Wagtail chicks are.

This is community living

Random photos of what we do best at Oakleaf, having lots of fun. 😀

We have new guests joining the community

Yellow Wagtails have made a nest on one of our widow sills and laid eggs. We'll keep you updated!

Low to High Force

High Force is both beautiful and stunning, an area we recommend you visit in Teesdale, County Durham. We were recently there with our friends Cosette and Louis.

Wonderful day at the Bishop Auckland Food Festival

We had a great time and met at the Palace Gardens in Auckland Castle. Lots of families having lots of fun. The place came alive.