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Welcome to Oakleaf Community

We are a Christian community based in Bishop Auckland and West Auckland who want to serve our local community and offer hospitality to people in need. That doesn't mean we offer emergency accommodation or a refuge, but people who do stay with us will experience a supportive family environment. If you think we can help you or someone you know please get in contact. If you would like to know more about Oakleaf Community we would love to hear from you.
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Karin Huerlimann a visitor from Switzerland teaching some of our younger people how to flag. According to Wikipedia Flagging is, "The art of flagging dance, often called flag spinningflag dancing, or rag spinning, but more commonly referred to as flagging, is the undulation, spinning and waving of flags in a rhythmic fashion to music. Practitioners of this form of performance art and dance are usually referred to as "flaggers" and "flag dancers", though until the 1990s this mostly referred to those waving flags to aid transportation professions."

pictures with permission from parents.

Goodbye and see you again

We say goodbye to Cynthia, Gertrude and Erel who are making their way back home to  Senegal and Ethiopia.

You never know what might happen if you ask

Gillian Gamble sent a cheeky social media message to Street Orchestra Live asking if they would like to perform in West Auckland as part of their North East tour. They said yes and arrived at Oakleaf Community in West Auckland on a bus to perform outside the Eden Arms with permission.

Read about the full story 

Street Orchestra Live perform free street concerts in communities that don't usually get access to orchestral music. They also perform in prisons and hospitals. To find out more visit

Visitors from Ethiopia and Senegal

We have recently hosted a family from Senegal and Ethiopia. Welcome Cynthia, Gertrude and Erel. We had a lovely walk around the park at Auckland Castle.

Food Glorious Food

Here we can see our happy children at Oakleaf Community enjoying doing an impression of someone enjoying food. Particularly like the artistic application of food on the face.

Young parents from Dundee come to West Auckland to learn new skills

Oakleaf Community hosted a group of mums from a community project based in Dundee supported by Kindred Clothing. The group supports parents by helping them develop new skills and confidence whilst creating a space for their babies and children to play.

Hannah Watherston (left) from Oakleaf Community and Self Made (an enterprise giving people the opportunity to develop real skills in clothing manufacturing that currently employs four people) took the group through their paces in learning dress making skills. One baby took his first steps which was a bonus.

Everyone enjoyed the couple of days and the feedback received was positive, including "I've learnt lots" and "it was a really practical course and will take the skills learnt back to Dundee".

Lonely, the word is...

I was reading a report from the Office of National Statistics about loneliness and it proved to be interesting reading.

As you would expect people who are unemployed and widows are most likely to feel lonely, but surprising younger people experience loneliness more often than older people. People who felt strongly  a part of their neighbourhood were less likely to feel frequently lonely.

Dorothy Day an American journalist said, "We have all known the long loneliness and we have learnt that the only solution is love and that love comes with community".